Andreï M. Zadorozny

Artistic Profile  

A contemporary of Arthur Lismer and John Little, Andreï M. Zadorozny has passed away on February 15th 2001 in Montreal, his adopted city, at the age of 79. Born in Western Ukrain where he studied art as a young man, he came to Canada in 1937, where he continued his studies, first in Western Canada, and then at Sir George Williams University in 1942. Following a stint in the Canadian Army, Zadorozny studied at, and graduated from, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Québec, Canada) in 1949 where Arthur Lismer, Goodrich Roberts and Jacques de Tonnencourt were his professors.


This artist devoted his life to painting, sculpting, and teaching art. He became a master in watercolors, and many of his works are found in private collections, public museums, and art galleries throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.


His favorite theme was cityscape. When he was not painting the city, he turned his attention to growing things - plants, flowers, vines struggling upward toward the light - and pen and ink portraits. Zadorozny knew how to create movement with the colors, starting with beautiful spots of colors each creating its own space and irradiation. Being a figurative artist, he then defined the elements with a quick and fine line of ink that would contain the object, and make interesting composition.


Andreï M. Zadorozny frequently exhibited his work up until the 1970’s, after which he became a full-time art teacher at Father MacDonald High School in City of Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada. His passion for painting never diminished, as well as his love for nature and classical music.


His art legacy is immense, over a 50-year period totally dedicated to painting. Through future exhibitions, the public will be able to share the intensity, joy, and greatness of his art and will rediscover the past glorious artist he was.