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Pierre Séguin was a professional photographer for 12 years but in 1986, he changed his career path and became a gallery owner.


The importance that he gives to individuals, should they be artist or customer, his professionalism, and his great hospitality are mostly valued by clientele and respected by art professionals.

His passion for art encouraged him to always research, learn more, and deepen his knowledge. His research also led him to develop an international network of experts. Over time, his work has been more directed towards evaluating artworks and accompanying companies in the development of a policy for art acquisition and development of their collection.


His expertise in visual art and his knowledge of the art market soon gave a new direction to his career. He now devotes himself to the evaluation of works of art and consultation. In addition, he offers for sale paintings and sculptures of current artists, as well as works of great masters such as Fortin, Riopelle or Dali, which have already been acquired and which, for various reasons, are back on the market.


Whether for individuals or companies, he always gives the same attention to his work.


Pierre Séguin is recognized as an associate member of the prestigious association The Appraisers Association of America (AAA) founded in 1949. In North America this organization is classified at the forefront of the appraisers’ associations of personal property.  

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