Maria Catuogno

Artistic Profile

Maria Catuogno's sculptures curve, twist and dance. The artist is fascinated by the representation of the body and it's dynamism.


Maria Catuogno sculpts… and weaves bronze… with patience and determination. Nothing is left to chance in her work, and the finest elements in her sculpture are also the most remarkable. Her works are compact, yet leave space for the void, as if inhabited by a need for a vital breath. Luminous and composite figures are formed, women warriors in armour and coats of mail, who seem to await the observer with an air of defiance. Yet because they are light, they adopt all sorts of shapes. They know too how to occupy any surface, and with an equal implacable elegance reserve an acrobat’s right to defy gravity—all that it takes is a well-placed thread to hold them. And besides, a number of the sculptures already seem to be driven upward towards abstraction. Jacques LUCCHESI (Art critic)


She masters the work of the metal to the point that it creates a new form of esthetism. Limited by the deformation imposed by the metal, the artist achieves a movement of fluidity and a certain power due to the reflexion of light on fire sheen. It is ruffled bronze.


She has her own way of working with bronze. She weaves bronze wires and shapes in such a way that she gives birth to light, slender and aerian figures. These figures filter the light and play with shadows and transparency. In fact, these imaginary beings seems alive.